healthcare practice

Throughout this course and in additional readings, you have been exposed to a vast amount of information about best practices of interdisciplinary teams, healthcare disparities, government involvement to remedy disparity, population health, and the process and initiatives used to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare practice through the use of interdisciplinary teams.For your Signature Assignment, you will read a scenario and create an in-service training session, a plan for change that involves an interdisciplinary approach for patient throughput, plan for change using the PDSA model, and a plan of evaluation. You will integrate the weekly Course Learning Outcomes and AACN DNP Essentials to develop the in-service training.Consider the following scenario:You are the nurse leader of a 35-bed general admission observation unit where patients are kept until there is bed availability on the specialty nursing units (average length of stay is 48 hours). Your nursing staff often seems overwhelmed with the diversity of the patients being admitted (uninsured, homeless, drug addictions, and elderly—who often have major co-morbidities and chronic complications.)Develop an in-service training session describing facts and findings you have learned about gaps in health equities and disparities of the patient population your unit serves. You have learned these disparities have a major impact upon providing quality care on your nursing unit.Develop a plan for change that would involve an interdisciplinary team approach to increase patient throughput and improve the quality of care of the patients while on your short-stay unit. Apply the PDSA model to this change initiative. Include barriers and strategies for your recommended plan.Create a checklist to evaluate the effectiveness of your change plan three months after implementation of your plan.Support the details with literature.Length: 8 slides for the in-service training session, 4 pages for the change plan, 1 pages for the evaluation plan.References: Include a minimum of 6 scholarly resourcesYour project should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Must be in 3rd person