1.     What was the first network television show to depict a main character “coming out” as gay?2.     What 1970 film was the first to feature all gay characters?3.     A raid on what gay bar incited a riot that inspired the beginning of the modern gay rights movement?4.     How did the American Psychiatric Association originally classify homosexuality in its catalog of mental disorders?5.     When and where did the term homosexuality originate?6.     Name one of the “women’s pictures” that entertained on the home front while men were overseas fighting World War II.7.     What 1963 bestseller exposed the hidden desperation of suburban housewives?8.     Why did CBS insist upon changing one of the lead actresses in Cagney and Lacey?9.     What extremely successful 1951 TV series featured a then-rare female lead character?10.   Explain the distinction between sex and gender in regard to media studies.