hierarchy of strategy indicates that a company, assignment help

–The hierarchy of strategy indicates that a company should build a relationship between functional, business and corporate level strategies.Using one of your cases, explain how that company did or did not effectively make use of the hierarchy of strategies.Be specific in your answer by showing the relationship (or lack thereof) between each strategic layer.

NOT AN ESSAY a couple of paragraphs (3 maximum) will work for me.

MY COMPANY WAS NETFLIX. and here are the objectives and strategies of the company


1. Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service.

2. Licensing entertainment content around the world.

3. Creating markets that are accessible to firm makers.

4. Helping content creators around the world to find global


A. Provide customers with wide selection of DVD titles to view.

B. Continually acquiring a new content by establishing relationship with entertainment providers.

C. Provide easy to use technology for customers to use to order and identify what they wish to view.

D. Providing options for subscribers between streaming and mail services.

F. Aggressive expending on market to continue to raise brand

G. Promote rapid transition of the U.S subscribers to streaming.

H. Expand internationally.

Ask me any questions, I developed a case study about Netflix, I got 98/100, so if u need to see it before answering please, let me know