High CEO Compensation Essay

The references and in text citations of references should follow the APA style. format of paper is 12 Times Roman double spaced 5-6 pages including the title and reference pages.

Discuss the reasons behind the high compensation of top executives and CEO’s in particular. You should examine the evolution of the CEO’s compensation structure over the years, and why it has become a controversial issue. Also outline the various components of the compensation structure of a CEO and the implications of high CEO compensation on the performance of the organization and on the morale of lower-level employees. Suggest some measures to solve the controversy.

The structure of the paper:

1) Introduction – introduce the problem (high CEO compensation)

2)Body of the paper – discuss your stance for high compensation, is it acceptable/ethical or not? On the paper use can use the references that is provided, the articles contain information to support the arguments. Just read the introduction, discussion, and conclusion parts of the articles provided.

3)Conclusion – your conclusion and your refection on the controversial issue.