HIS102 Discussion 2 NVCC North Korea Weaponry News Article Summary

Your goal is to find 4 news articles on your Current Event Research Paper topic. Two of these articles should be current and two should be historical.

The first two articles should be recent (2000-2019). You can find these articles from a Google search, just make sure they come from a credible news source. These two articles should focus on the current state of the topic you are exploring.

The other two articles should be historical articles from 1900-1920 from the NVCC Database Proquest Historical Newspapers (Washington Post or New York Times). In order to find key words to search, try doing a basic search of your topic to discover key terms, individuals, and specific events.

Post the links to the news articles in your response and write a short responses (1 paragraph) about the most interesting fact you learned about your topic from this research.

10 points

Due before 9:30am on Tuesday Feb. 12.

I choose topic on Technology/weapon