PART 1, Answer the following Short Essay questions (at least 275 words each). Throughout, address how we know with examples from as many sources – primary, secondary, text, and lecture – as you can. Please use only sources that I have assigned. Cite them parenthetically. SYNTHESIZE! Pay particular attention to time and place.

1. What was the Industrial Revolution? Why did it happen? Why do we care?

2. What was Modernization? What caused it? Why does it matter?

3. What was Imperialism? Why did it occur? Why do we care?

NOTE each everyone in individual paragraph 

Part 2, Answer the following Long Essay question (at least 500 words). To receive full credit, you must: a) Organize your

Respond with a thesis, body, and a conclusion. b) Synthesize information from your text, secondary sources, primary sources, and class lectures. (Again, course sources only!) c) Note time and place when employing evidence. d) Dedicate one paragraph to each of the following: the Industrial Revolution, Modernization, and Imperialism. Considering the key historical “events” that we have covered since the first exam (the Industrial Revolution, Modernization, and Imperialism) do you think that World History since 1700 is essentially Eurocentric—a story of European power and culture? Whether you agree or disagree, be sure to identify which historical “event” was the most Eurocentric, and which was the least.


– Primary source is a document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study. 

– Secondary source is any source about an event, period, or issue in history that was produced after that event, period or issue has passed

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