HLS654 Phase 4 US Strategy for Cyberattacks

Part 1 (2-3 Pages)

The president requests a White Paper that answers this question. In justifying your answer, you are free to offer your own insights and explain your positioning. However, your answer must also address the following:

  • What are the criteria for success?
  • How is the current policy similar to previous policies?
  • How is the current policy different from previous policies?
  • Is the technology and are the threats changing more quickly than policymakers can adapt to them?
  • How does the U.S. policy compare with the policies of other governments and organizations such as the European Union?

Part 2 (1 Page)

As the president’s chief cybersecurity advisor, you are often asked to provide opinion pieces for newspapers and journals. A major newspaper has requested that you write an article that illustrates your opinion on who should take responsibility for cybersecurity. Is cybersecurity a national security priority that requires the government to take responsibility for, as it is responsible for national defense? Or, do you think that cybersecurity is a business issue that should be managed by individual companies?

References Please