Homework assignment help (WhistleBlower) 100 Words

Read: An open letter to Walt Disney. Retrieved from http://www.globallabourrights.org/alerts/an-appeal-to-walt-disney-company

Answer these Questions:

Certainly in Disney is doing things that are illegal, then we would definitely want to blow the whistle and bring this to light. If employees are being mistreated, harassed and so forth, this is clearly illegal behavior. Now is it illegal to pay minimum wage? Does Disney have to follow US laws, when this activity is happening in Haiti? Which laws are being applied here? You mention Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning. Can we provide a little more detail on what this theory entails? You state that it’s tied to reward. By rewarding people for certain behavior, they will be more motivated and production levels will increase. just looking at the one-story, towards the beginning of the letter, where they stated that a woman was making minimum wage but was handling 375 Pocahontas shirts an hour, could she really do more, if she got paid more?

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