Homework Epidemiology

In this assignment I want you to think like an epidemiologist! Apply the seven uses of epidemiology to a public health issue:Study the history of the health of populationsDiagnose the health of the communityExamine the working of health servicesEstimate individual risks and chancesIdentify syndromesComplete the clinical pictureSearch for causesThis does not involve outside research – think through what an epidemiologist might do for the health issue you’re interested in under each of the seven uses. For your health issue, what information would an epidemiologist want to know or do for each approach?For example, if your issue is STDs, use of number two, “Diagnose the health of the community”, might involve identification of groups in the community that are at higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases.Submit your assignment here on canvas. Format as a word document, 11 pt. arial font, double spaced. It can be as a bulleted list or as complete sentences. Include your name.