HOMEWORK PRO:Resource Development Needs and Funding Sources

Application – Week 3DUE SATURDAY 12NOON NEW YORK TIME 1-2 PAGE APA FORMAT IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCE PAGE. WRITTER SELECT SCHOLARL SOURCES FOR IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCESResource developmentApplication:Resource Development Needs and Funding SourcesThere is a common saying in development: Donors will not give money to keep the lights on, but they will donate money to do something extraordinary. In other words, most donors want their money to go towards “the cause” instead of operational costs. One step in ensuring donations go towards a targeted or particular need is to determine resource development needs based on strategic planning, program planning, and an established board-approved budget. Once organizations determine resource development needs this way, they can pursue donations from suitable funding sources and reassure donors that their money is going towards the cause.In this Application Assignment, you select a nonprofit organization of interest to you. Then you examine the organization’s strategic plan, program plan, and/or budget, and identify resource development needs. Finally, based on the resource development needs, you evaluate the suitability of funding sources.To prepare for this assignment:Review the course media “Resource Development Planning.” Think about the specific steps you must take to create a resource development plan and the importance of such planning to the goals of an organization.Find the Web site of a nonprofit organization of interest to you. Peruse the Web site and locate a budget, program plan, and/or strategic plan (most organizations post each on their Web site).Review the organization’s budget, program plan, and/or strategic plan and identify its resource development needs.Consider which funding sources might meet the resource development needs of the organization.The assignment (1–2 pages):Briefly describe a nonprofit organization of interest to you.Using an annual report, program plan, and/or strategic plan from the organization (from a report, Web site, or other source of information), describe at least three resource development needs. These may include program/service expansion, new programs/services, or internal organizational development needs (staffing, equipment, space, etc.) that require new funding.Evaluate the suitability of individual, foundational, corporate, and government funding sources for the organization you chose, in terms of how well you think each would meet the resource development needs you described. Be specific.