Hospital Web Sites Evaluation

Attached you will find the three hospitals selected with their websites

People often use hospital websites to gather information about the facility; therefore, it is very important that hospitals implement well-designed websites to market services to the public. Hospital marketing professionals should work with a web design team to ensure that information is easy to locate on their site.

Pick several areas (such as MRI) that you can directly compare between the three hospitals selected for your course project. In your comparison, also include details about flow, access, et cetera. Compare your findings of the three hospitals in a table format and submit it in Unit 4. Include a comparison of at least the following aspects of each website:

  • Ability to access information quickly.
  • Visual appeal for patients from a marketing perspective.
  • Visual appeal for physicians or providers from a marketing perspective.
  • Depth of information available on topics of interest.
  • Information you could not locate.