How Health Disparities Effect Nursing Practice & Nutritional Preferences?

in your own words describe what health disparity, healthcare disparities, health inequities or health inequalities means to you. How does it affect your nursing practice?

Nutritional preferences and deficiencies is discussed in this chapter : Food Patterns and Nutrition among African Americans, Puerto Ricans , Cubans , American Indians , Japanese, Koreans , Middles Eastern, Choose one of the groups and discuss their food choices vs. what you or your family choices are (Caucasians- American) for nutrition.

What clinical implications as a nurse do you need to address if caring for a patient of a different race?

Each question need a 250 +/- word response

Most cite Two peer reviewed references : Nursing or Medical,science journals/ books, etc dated greater than 2013

APA format

No title page ,just a discussion post