how Howard Schultz structured Starbucks and his executive team, management homework help

Prompt: For Milestone One: Teams, you will submit a short paper (2-4 pages, not including the cover page and reference page) assessing how your chosen leader structured the organization and his or her executive team, and evaluating the best practices used by the leader. In the assignment, identify specific leadership actions used by your chosen leader to build and structure a productive organization and culture such as policy, communication, and training.

Explain at least two examples of best practices for leaders in team development and communication in the organization using the three dimensions of energy, engagement, and exploration.

Identify planning methods used by the leader to align teams with organizational vision, and explain actions that built and fostered team development and teamwork. Include the utilization of resources to build teams, including training, projects, and programs.

The paper must analyse executive team-building practices, theory, concepts and techniques; identification and summary of results of leadership actions that structured the organization for success; application of team-building and leadership action examples; critical thinking applied to your work product; and the articulation of your response in the writing process.


Please use the following sections:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of Executive Team-Building Practices, Theory, Concepts, and Techniques
  • Summary of Results of Leadership Actions Related to Organizational Behavior Best Practices
  • Application of Examples
  • Conclusion