How to Watch Movies analysis, marketing homework help

After reading through the “How to Watch Movies” case (***attached below) consider the following questions to discuss with your classmates: How would you advise any of these companies with regard to their strategy, positioning and tactical execution? How can any of these providers take greater advantage of a CRM philosophy? Explain why you would give this advice in 150-200 words. Support your answer with research from credible sources. Cite properly in APA (both parenthetical and reference list).

****How to Watch Movies

Consumers looking for entertainment have many options. Each content provider has business strengths and weaknesses. For example, Netflix has a recommendation engine, relatively quick delivery of DVDs, and instant downloads for an increasing library. Hulu is all about instant downloading, is free because of advertising sponsorship, but has limited selections in particular movies and in availability durations. Cable services’ on-demand features are not free, but some customers like the convenience of one-stop shop for cable and phone, etc., and selections are limited (in numbers and duration). Redbox has an altogether different model, with vending located in popular places (e.g., near McDonald’s, in airports), interchangeable pickup and return locations, and, of course, limited selections.