Now that you have reviewed the “chapter 5” (week 5) materials, it is time to reflect upon the concepts learned and use your own experience or ideas to participate in the week 5 discussion forum. Consider what you have learned and provide an initial response that addresses one (1) of the following questions. (Be sure to include in the subject line of your message Question 1, 2, 3, or 4 to indicate which question you are addressing. Also, include the text of the question you are responding to at the beginning of your initial post.)Question 1: How can the Federal Government make use of lessons learned in more than 30 years of experience with performance-based alternative pay systems to make such systems more acceptable to Federal employees & key stakeholders?Question 2: Some object to performance-based pay systems out of fear they will be used to reward “cronies” or further certain political objectives. How can these objections be overcome?Question 3: Some observers have expressed concerns about developing multiple pay systems for Federal employees formerly covered by the GS system. Are these concerns justified? If so, how can they be addressed?Question 4: Now that NSPS has been repealed & performance-based pay aspects of IC Pay Modernization have been eliminated, what does the future hold for performance-based pay in the Federal Government?