HR management rules

1. Explain each of the three reasons why HR Management is important to all managers.  Additionally, provide an example for each of your reasons.2. Jennifer is one of your fellow managers.  She’s been complaining recently that her employees “aren’t into their jobs”, and is angry that they aren’t taking more ownership of their engagement.  Using what you know about employee engagement, how do you respond to her?3. Larry is a newly hired manager at your store.  Your director has paired him with you since because you havebeen so successful in engaging employees at the store.  Unfortunately, Larry seems to be more focused on operational results, and not so much on engaging employees.  You know there are benefits of engaging your employees – what do you say to4. Define Strategic Human Resources Management in your own words.  Next, give a specific example of a Strategic HRM in practice.5. Great news!  Your luxury hotel has decided to become the “top” company in the industry in customerservice.  Using what you know about HR Strategic Planning, give examples of how your company must now:1. attract talent2. build high-performance work systems3. align people with the business.