HR: Planning for New Employee Orientation

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HR On-the-Job: Planning for New Employee Orientation

Effective new employee orientation requires planning and preparation. Both the supervisor and the HR unit should be prepared to give each new employee the perception that the new employee belongs and is important to the organization. “Buddy” mentors are recommended to mentor new employees. An orientation checklist can help new employees because all areas of potential concern are addressed by HR and the new employees’ immediate supervisor. All important information needs to covered and checklists can help make sure that pertinent rules are explained. Employers should cover all of this new information in a logical organized manner without information overload. In addition, a follow- up should be completed to see how the employee is doing and if there are any questions.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Why is new employee orientation so important?
  2. What role could a checklist play in employee orientation?
  3. How could employers prevent information overload of new employees?