HRM 326 Phoenix Create a Training Evaluation Form

Create a one-page training evaluation form that could be used to evaluate the course at the reaction level. [This form should be specific to the course and not a generic form.]


This training is designed to assist you with supplying our customers with the best customer service experiences possible and improving your skills so that you can meet or exceed any compliance concerns.


We will dedicate four hours to this training with hands-on, real-world situations that match common concerns when dealing with customers, potential IRS reporting issues and onboarding new hires when administering pre-employment screening.


Our goal is to successfully identify issues related to everyday communications with employees and dissatisfied customers, customers that could potentially violate current IRS reporting requirements and new hires requiring onboarding prescreening. At the end of this training, you are required to pass the written test with 70% or higher and apply the best practices learned during the exercise.