HRMN 300 Discussion Questions (Please keep it close to HR Military)

Discussion #1

Visit Web sites of three companies you might be interested in working for. Name the companies and list their URLs.

Review the benefits they offer and be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

Does the compensation plan motivate you? Why or why not?

You don’t need to interact with another student.

Discussion #2

Perform an Internet search of average employee turnover cost and report findings from at least three different industries or companies. Name the companies or industries and provide the URLs to these Web sites.

You do not need to interact with another student.

Discussion #3

What types of things will motivate you in your career?

When reviewing a list of benefits, which ones are offered that might motivate you to stay with the organization?

Name at least five items.

Where would these fit on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s two-factor theory? Use at least one reference to support your comments and interact with at least one other student.

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