human resources homework

Chapter 10 details the various ways that companies compensate employees beyond salary.  These plans are expensive and are meant to incentivize employees to improve preformance but often are ineffective.  Begin your essay by detailing a couple of incentive plans mentioned in the text and why you think they would or would not be effective.  Then briefly explain Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs as it relates to work-life.  What do you feel we might learn from Maslow’s theory that might help us plan incentive programs?Your essay should be well thought out using information from the text as well as one or two additional sources which are clearly cited. The matrix for grading is below.  Be sure to write your paper outside of Blackboard using word processing software and then save it as a document.  The best manner of placing into Blackboard is to copy and paste so that the document is immediately available to read and doesn’t require clicking to open.While other students will not see your score/grade, they will be able to read your essay and I suggest that all students take the time to read the essays of others in their group as a way to better understand the subject as well as how other people interpret assignments.Grading Possibilities:70%  Content10%  Use of source material10%  Depth of opinion10%  Spelling, grammar, sentence structure3-half for the assignment materials: