Hybrid cars, communications assignment help

Hello Dr Henry

it is an informative speech. it should be 5 minutes long. at least 2 sources do not use difficult vocabulary make it simple.

Informative speech (5-8 minutes): Your job is to inform an audience. Think of yourself as a teacher or a journalist. You should remain objective; simply provide your audience with information. Do your research and remember to tell your audience where you got your information from (cite your sources). You must submit an outline (see page 9 for more info) and have it graded before you can deliver the speech. There may be a 10% deduction on your speech grade every class day your outline is not completed.

Your outline should follow the assigned form given in the syllabus, public speaking infographic, and in class. It should contain the following: 1) a proper introduction with an attention getter, a clear thesis, and a simple preview of main points; 2) a body with 2 to 5 main points and 2 to 7 subpoints for each main point; 3) sources noted in an abbreviated form in the body of the outline; 4) a proper conclusion which restates the thesis, reviews the main points again, and has a clear, well crafted clincher; and 5) a detailed work cited section at the bottom of the outline or on a 2nd page which includes the title of the article, the author’s name (if available), the date the article was published, the name of book, magazine, or website

I want to have a speech and an outline for the speech and the outline should be like the uploaded file