i have an excel assigment i need somebody to help thanks

BIS 101 Assignment Buying a Computer (10 Points)

Copy the following text template into a word 2016 document and answer the following questions, explaining why you made each choice.

Name: BIS 101-XXX

where XXX must be the section your registered for BIS 101.

Assignment Buying a Computer:
Where purchased?
Screen size?
Operating system?
Any other considerations?
Total cost?
Then using the information for the pmt function on page 514 in Exploring Microsoft Office 2016, Volume 1 eText and page 180 in the Tools book finance it for 3 years at 14% interest and copy your calculations into your word document.

Name your document “your last name Buying a Computer “.

Also, be sure to submit the required monthly payment spreadsheet calculation file (lastname PMT calculation.xlsx) showing your monthly payment calculations. Do not use the demo purchase price of $600 for your purchase, use a different amount.