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After reading this book, report on the following:-       Seeking Allah. Concerning Islam, this book contains descriptions, comparisons, and contrasts throughout. In the Seeking Allah section of your paper:o   Summarize your understanding of Islam (as described by Qureshi).o   Provide a research-based commentary on the phenomenon that is Islam. Research-based simply means that you will support your assertions with credible research. Note that the purpose here is not to disparage Islam or Muslims. Whether your discussion is objective or subjective, support your assertions. This section must be 2–4 pages.-       Finding Jesus. In this section, discuss why Qureshi was compelled to become a Christian. What were the ramifications of his decision? How does Quershi’s life differ from someone who was, for example, raised in a Christian home? This section must be 1–2 pages.-       Implications for Pastoral Counseling. What are the implications for your own pastoral counseling ministry? Your response here need not be focused on Arab and Islamic populations. Rather, consider the wide array of individuals you may encounter in your counseling ministry. How might this book influence your sensitivities to various cultures? This section must be 1–2 pages.Your book response must be 4–8 pages, excluding the title page and reference page. Your paper must include the following components:-       Title page-       Introduction (a paragraph briefly describing the contents of the paper)-       Seeking Allah section-       Finding Jesus section-       Implications for Pastoral Counseling section-       Reference page (must have at least 4 sources)