I need help on case study please

Group Case Work Sheet

Due April 3, 2017. (1 inch margin, double space, 12 point font, with cover page)

Please submit your case in Q & A style. One Bb submission per group.

  • Based on the case material, list and appropriately categorize the various marketing environmental factors that impact cement production in Ghana.
  • Based on the case material, develop a SWOT analysis for GHACEM.
  • The textbook introduced two methods to analyze the growth opportunities for a marketer: Business Portfolio Analysis and Diversification Analysis. Choose one method and apply it to GHACEM case and discuss ways that the company can grow its business.
  • The following questions require you to apply the consumer decision making theory.
  • Illustrate the decision process that an individual consumer uses to make the cement purchase.
  • What is the “number game” in Ghana cement industry?
  • At which stage of the decision making process will the cement number play a role in consumer’s purchase decision?
  • If you were a marketing consultant, what recommendations would you give to Benny in facing this number game?