I need help with a business and finance assignment

Throughout this class we will learn techniques of Strategic Planning that are best learned by applying or considering them in terms of a specific organization. I request that you select an organization, preferably one where you work or have worked, or one you are interested in learning more about. This will be the subject of your applied research. Please answer these questions.

1- What government, tribe, non-profit organization, business or other organization did you select to describe as we go through Strategic Planning applications? Describe the organization and its location (1-3 paragraphs). Include basic facts including population, land area, and the tribal culture(s) of the people.

2- Complete a quick web search for the organization. Does the organization have a website? What are the key elements (main menu items from tribal web page)? What types of information are on the website? What seemed most interesting to you and why? Does the website mention strategic planning or planning? If yes, briefly describe the content of the website in these areas.

3- How much information is available on-line about the organization? How familiar are you with the organization? Explain your interest and selection of this organization.