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Luigi has brought a PRODUCT LIABILITY suit agains Homeworks under the theory of Strict Liability for a faulty ceiling fan installed in his home. Homeworks manufactured and sold the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan was operating as normal but when Luigi pressed the “off” button on the fan’s remote the unit sparked and then caught fire. Luigi’s home was substantially damaged as a result. To prevail on his suit, which of the following elements will Luigi have to prove: 

The fan was made unreasonably dangerous due to the defect

The defective condition of the fan was the cause of the fire and the damage to Luigi’s home

The fan had not been modified substantially from the time the fan was sold to the time the fire occurred. 

Homeworks breached their duty of care when they sold a fan that caused fire damage to a home in which it is installed. 

Homeworks is normally engaged in the business of selling fans

The fan caused harm to Luigi and his property 

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