I need to write a paper for my Technology and Business Strategy class and dont know what to write.

Course focuses on developing a technology strategy and integrating it with business strategy. Involves technology situation analysis, technology portfolio development, technology and corporate strategy integration and establishing technology investment priorities. Extensively uses case studies.

Course objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of technology to businesses.
  2. Understand the functions of management and the roles of a manager in developing technology.
  3. Understand preliminary aspects of technology strategy.
  4. Understand the use of these concepts by applying them to case situations and current or future analysis.

Report should include the following (suggested though not required length):

1) Title & Statement of the Problem/Opportunity (1 paragraph)
2) Background (1/2 page)
3) Situation (1-2 page)
4) Analysis/Comparisons (2-3 pages)
5) Recommendations (1-2 page)
6) Summary & Conclusions (1-2 page)
7) References (3 or more)

Report is due 17 April.