In today’s society, avoiding anxiety is virtually impossible

In today’s society, avoiding anxiety is virtually impossible. From major catastrophes, to traffic jams, to the many little hassles experienced on a daily basis, anxiety is every present and ready to surface at any moment. Once anxiety becomes a frequent part of life, a greater risk for life threatening illness is the result. It is therefore imperative, when faced with repeated symptoms of anxiety, appropriate treatment is obtained. Fortunately, there are many treatment options for counteracting anxiety such as medication, therapy, and relaxation exercises to name a few.Research the many forms of treatment available for anxiety disorders. Compare and contrast the various methods and their effectiveness for each anxiety disorder. Explain the meaning of an empirically tested treatment method. Describe how treatment methods are scientifically tested and proven to be effective. Discuss the overall outcomes of therapeutic treatment methods for anxiety disorders.Provide factual documentation that reinforces your information from at least two peer reviewed sources and include the reference citations within your discussion response using APA format. This assignment must be 650 words (not including the Cover page and Reference page) to meet the minimum requirement.