individual report Managing and organizaional Behavior

The Assessment TaskThis assignment is a theoretically informed individual 3,500-word report to address the identified challenges outline in your poster presentation.This report should develop a critical theoretical discussion using up to date credible sources to debate the different options for leaders/managers to deal with your outlined specific challenges. You should demonstrate the depth of your research by comparing and contrasting a range of theories to develop an analysis of the topic areas to provide practical solutions to the identified challenges.Please refer to the below guidance for further Clarity1. Structural GuidelinesIntroduction – a brief introduction to the report, please make sure that you write clearly and succinctly (there is only 3500 words)Leadership and Management Challenges within Current Business Environmenta. Discuss challenges of leadership in terms of the chosen area 1 and possible ways of addressing them in your (or chosen) organisationb. Discuss the challenges of leadership and management of the chosen area 2 and possible ways of addressing them in your (or chosen) organisationCase Study Analysis – Link above discussed theories to analyse potential solutions for the challenges/issues identified.a. The analysis on first chosen areab. The Analysis on second chosen areaConclusion and Recommendations – Provide an overview of the report and some recommendations based on the above analysisReferences – Please make sure to follow University guidance for Harvard Referencing and provide the list of references.2. Quality Related GuidelinesAcademic Support – It is mandatory that you support your arguments using current research and theories extracted from relevant and recognised journal articles.Academic Writing – You are expected to write succinctly and critically in line with the assessment task.Word LimitsThe maximum word limit for this assignment is 3,500 words.