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Yokogawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd (YAS) received the 2011 Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in recognition for their continuous improvement and excellence in their manufacturing operations in Singapore. 

Please visit the SPRING Singapore‚Äôs website to download the Summary Report for Yokogawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd. 

Please study SQA Summary Report on YAS and answer the following questions. Do note that the SQA Summary Report on Yokogawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd is based on the old BE framework (1994 version)

(a) Introduce the SPRING Singapore Business Excellence Framework. Distinguish the seven (7) criteria of the framework. (10 marks) 

(b) The key to excelling in SPRING Singapore Business Excellence journey lies in the learning and innovation of the organisation. Under the Processes criterion, discuss, in a 400-word essay, the sub-categories of Innovation Capabilities and Process Management, and their respective requirements to be addressed. (12 marks) 

(c) Relate the system used by YAS in their Production Innovation Process to the areas to address in Items 5.1 and 5.2 in the Processes criteria. (10 marks)

Please input links for any external sites that you use for references.


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