Information technology management

1.In highly controversial move, your favorite social network has just agreed to allow Walmart access to the postings, messages, and photos of its users. Walmart will also gain access to user name and email addresses- in violation of the networks privacy policy. Walmart plans to mine this data to learn more about what its customers want and to develop targeted direct change in the privacy policy that you are motivated to send a message to the social network expressing your opinion. what do you say?(minimum 2 pages)

2. Provide an example of tacit knowledge and an example of explicit knowledge. ( minimum 2 and half Pages)


In answer to the challenges Nelnet faces in servicing a growing volume of student loans, the company chose to deploy a knowledge management system called OpenText Process Suite. Go online and investigate the features and capabilities of this suite of software products. What functions does Open Text provide that can augment and assist customer relationship management (CRM) systems? Find and briefly summarize a customer success story of an organization that integrated Open Text with its CRM system.(minimum 2 pages)