Intercultural communication discussion

Read the provided materials and answer both part A and B

A. Answering the question with 350-600 words:

Symbols can have very powerful social, political and cultural meanings. Identify a symbol that has caused controversy either present day or from history and explain how and why it causes controversy…

B. Read the case and answering the following questions: (600-800 words)

Lee comes from China and is beginning his first semester in a degree at Conestoga College. Serge is from Russia. Both spent a lot of time and money studying English back home so they could pass the entry requirements for English skills but neither has much experience listening to or speaking English. Neither studied how education occurs in Canada.

During the first 3 weeks of class discussions Lee has not contributed anything. He is uncomfortable whenever the teacher stops lecturing and opens conversations.

Serge has been giving answers in class. He speaks quite forcefully sometimes giving 5-7 sentences. The teacher just responds briefly. This past class, the teacher actually said, “Let’s hear from someone else now.”

In week three, the teacher assigns a group report and asks the class to get into groups of 3-4. Within minutes students have sorted themselves out and Lee and Serge are without a group.

  1. What do you think has caused Lee’s quietness?
  2. What do you think has prompted Serge’s involvement?
  3. What pre-verbal, non-verbal, verbal, and post-verbal mismatches will likely occur throughout this encounter?
  4. Did either party reach the desired outcome for themselves or for the class?