Interest Groups Role In American Politics Paper

Research PaperYou will have to write a research paper on one of the following five topics:

  1. Write a paper in which you discuss the role interest groups play in the American political system and how they attempt to shape public policy. After that, select a specific national piece of legislation during the Obama administration and identify two groups in favor of the legislation and two groups opposed to the legislation. Explain how the groups attempted to influence the passage or defeat of the legislation.
  2. Write a paper in which you discuss the role of the president as chief legislator. Why is there conflict between Congress and the president while the president is performing the role of chief legislator? Select a specific instance of public policy conflict between Congress and President Obama and explain the reasons for the conflict.
  3. In the United States, we use the winner-take-all electoral system in electoral districts for Congress. Write a paper in which you discuss the winner-take-all system and the proportional system of representation. For the proportional system, you should select a country that use the proportional system and briefly explain how it works in that country. Should the American winner-take-all system be abolished and replaced with a proportional system of representation? If yes, why? If no, why not? Do not discuss the presidential election process. Do not discuss the Electoral College. Focus on congressional (U.S. House) districts.
  4. Over the years the balance of power between the nation and the states has shifted. Write a paper in which you briefly discuss (in one or two paragraphs) how the Framers of the Constitution arranged government power between that nation and the states. After that, discuss two periods in American history that impacted on the balance of power between the national government and the states. Within those two periods, specify what lead to the shift in power. Explain how power shifted between the national government and the states and identify the level of government that gained the power. Identify the power that was gained. Do not discuss the period of transition from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution. Discuss periods after ratification of the 1787 Constitution.
  5. Compare and contrast the roles of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches with regard to one of the following current issues: 1) Immigration; OR 2) Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT); OR 3) Digital Privacy.

Research Paper Part 1 (50 Points)

Research Paper Part 1 Requirements

  • Write an introductory paragraph in at least 200 words.
    • Introduction should include a specific thesis statement in the end.
  • Write a detailed outline in the APA writing format.
  • Write an APA format annotated bibliography with at least five (5) peer-reviewed, academic sources.
    • Each annotation should be in at least 100 words.

Research Paper Part 2 (50 Points)

Research Paper Part 2 Requirements

  • Write a complete research paper in at least 1500 words, excluding the title page, the abstract page, and the reference page(s).
  • Follow the APA writing format throughout the paper, including for in-text citations and references.
  • Use at least ten (10) sources,
    • At least six (6) of the sources should be peer-reviewed, academic.