International Business Plan


will be developing an international business plan. The scenario is that

you have a small business in a country of your own choice and would

like to expand on a global level. Select a country of your choice that

you might want to explore doing business in. Each week you have been

working on this. Now it is time to put the plan together. There will be

areas that need to be added, use the “Creating and International

Business Plan” section in the chapters that we covered to fill in these

areas. Based on your findings prepare an 8-12 page report that addresses

the following:

  • Explain the international economy that you will be doing business in. Note any areas that might cause concern and how you intend to address them.
  • Detail the cultural influences in your selected country and how you will adjust to any areas that are outside of your current business practices.
  • Analyze the government and political impact that your business will have to adjust to. Explain how you might mitigate any areas of risk.
  • Explain the optimal type of organizational structure you will use.
  • Describe the most effective type of management style needed for the success of this venture.
  • Determine any foreign exchange issues that might occur and how you will proactive in dealing with them.
  • Summarize the legal environment that you will have to be aware of when doing business in your selected country.
  • Explain the information needs of your business and how you plan to address them.
  • Other needed information that you feel is important.
  • Use at least six (6) quality references. Wikipedia does not quality as academic resources. Credible websites are acceptable.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman or Ariel font (size 12), following APA formatting inclusive of: title page, headers, page numbers, citations and references. The title and reference page are not included in the page count.

Course Outcomes:

Examine the international business environment

Analyze feasibility of entering an international market

Develop an international marketing plan

Course Objectives:

Examine international economies

Understand cultural influences on international business

Analyze government and political impact on international business

Determine the structures and foreign exchange of international business

Examine the international legal environment

Appraise the issues in international business management Determine the Information needs of an international business