Interpersonal Communication, communications homework help

There are several questions that need to be answered fully below , please see the questions below .

  1. Discuss mindfulness and its pertinence to effective listening in interpersonal communication. In your discussion, indicate whether mindfulness is a technique or an attitude and explain how we express our mindfulness to others whom we are interacting.
  1. Describe a situation where you would (or would not) express an emotion for an ethical reason. Based on the guidelines for communicating emotions effectively that were raised in the textbook, discuss how two of these guidelines would influence how to act in this situation.
  1. Distinguish between love and commitment. Then, explain how each is communicated and how it affects relationships between people.
  1. Discuss 3 different approaches to conflict and give an example of each.
  1. Describe how gender plays a role in communication. Then, describe how gender communication affects friendships, romantic love relationships, and family relationships.
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