Interrelationship between growth patterns and the transportation system

For this assignment, you select a city ( Sydney, Australia), preferably in a large metropolitan area, and conduct a research on that city’s history form the beginning of the twentieth century to present with particular attention to the interrelationship between growth patterns and the transportation system. It is expected that you apply the principles covered in class and contained in your readings to describe the evolution of these cities and the role that land use and transportation played in its development. The student shall compile available data in the form of statistical tables, maps, figures and images to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of changes. It is encouraged that students collect and examine demographics, available travel modes, transportation infrastructure, ¬†ect. throughout time. The student shall use the data collected and analyzed to develop a storyline for your selected city ( Sydney, Australia).

The Paper should be type double-spaced and be 6-8 pages in length. Full citation is expected from academic sources (wikipedia is not an academic source) and shall be included in a citation page this does not count towards the page requirements. This paper should reflect college-level appearance, organization, grammar and effort.

city:  Sydney, Australia