Interview an Employment Law Attorney

ISSUE: Employment Law & Affirmative ActionFor this assignment, you will continue your understanding of your issue with another interview, this time with an employment law attorney. You are free again here to choose any employment attorney you wish. You may interview an in-house counsel the handles employment matters for a company, or an attorney that works for a firm that handles employment work for external clients.The interview content, length, and direction is entirely up to you, but you should strongly consider the following questions in furtherance of your goals:1. What is the attorney’s experience handling legal matters related to the issue, if any?2. How does the attorney interpret the most recent statutory and case law relevant to the issue?3. Does the attorney typically represent employee or employer in employment matters? (If the attorney is in-house counsel, then this needn’t be asked as the answer here is obvious.)4. Does the attorney expect any changes in law or public policy that may change the way the issue you chose is currently being handled in the near-term? Why or why not?5. What general advice (if any) does the attorney typically give to his or her clients (employers and/or employees) in terms of handling the issue in a way that maximizes the strength of legal arguments, likelihood of success in litigation, etc.?Once you’ve completed the interview, write a paper and report on your findings. In addition to reporting on the responses of the interviewee, you should also comment on your own reactions. In other words, were the answers you received those which you expected? If not, how so? Were there any questions left unanswered, or any positions of the interviewee with which you disagree?Submission Instructions:This assignment should at a minimum contain 900 words of content (double spaced) and should be in APA format including a properly formatted cover page (abstracts are optional) and a reference page with at least four (4) references. Providing additional references to your assignments demonstrate your desire to conduct additional research on the topic area, and can improve your research skills.With all assignments, include properly formatted in-text citations within the body of your work for each of your listed references so the reader can ascertain your original thoughts or ideas as well as the portion of your work that is credited to credible sources. It is very important to identify work from other sources to ensure that proper credit is provided to researchers in the field. This assignment uses Turn It In for originality verification.Submit the weekly written assignment as an MS Word attachment (.doc or .docx format).