INTL 440 Midterm Assessment Threats to Computer Networks

This assignment consists of two questions (below) to test your knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. You are to pick one and answer it in a 4-6 page essay. The assignment rubric is included for your review. Grading will be based on the rubric. Make sure you follow AMU’s writing policies and the Chicago writing style guide (cover page, page numbering, citations, bibliography, double space, headings/subheadings, etc). You must use your class readings and you must cite your work. No exceptions.

Essay Question #1: Discuss the vulnerabilities associated with four of the ten networks described in your readings. Make sure you identify the network, potential vulnerabilities, and what the result could be from an attack against it.

Essay Question #2: Discuss how a cyber warrior can use a social networking site to gain information.

General Requirements

1. Document Format.

a. MS Word document

b. One-inch (1”) margins

c. Times New Roman font

d. Twelve (12) pitch

e. Not including your title page, this assignment should be 4-6 pages.

f. Double space, except for your bibliography’s entries.

2. Citation Format: The Chicago Manual of Style. As stated in the Academic Integrity Briefings, information taken directly from another source must be placed in quotations and cited following the Chicago format contained in the week one “lessons” folder. You must cite all other information from your sources, even if you do not quote directly. DIRECT QUOTING SHOULD BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.

3. Your essay is due at the end of Week 5, Sunday at 11:55 PM.

All late submissions will be deducted 5 points per day. Exceptions to this policy will be made at the discretion of the instructor. If something comes up that keeps you from submitting your work on time, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the instructor. Otherwise, I will not accept any work greater than 14 days after the due date.