Intro to SM: You the Consumer.

DUE: 01.09.15 @ 12:00PMHow does competition amongst companies affect you in your daily life (personal and or professional)? Provide a real-world experience that might apply. For instance, consider how you recently chose between at least two products or services offered from rival companies.What factors made you decide to purchase one over the other? How do these companies compete?Document Requirements:Use standard 12-point font sizeMS Word Document3/4-1 page paper(Nothing less then 3/4 of a page and nothing more then 1-page necessary)1-2 sources in APA citation(I willn’t need anymore then 3 sources for sure)Thorough Response is a must!!And NO plagiarism!!*Homework Field of Study: Management Policy and StrategyIf you don’t have expertise in this area of study please don’t waste my time sending a handshake.