introduction to homeland security, midterm paper proposal help

Please write a essay (APA STYLE) proposal for a midterm essay about one of the topics in the attached chapters (you pick), when topic has been approved I will extend time limit for a week to write the essay (2000 words) about the approved topic. NEED to be a topic from the book and follow instructions below:

Mid Term and Final Essays: 30 Points. 15 points for the Mid Term and 15 Points for the final. On week 2 each student sends their proposal to the instructor for their midterm. The proposal will contain their thesis and a list of supporting resources. The Mid Term will be an essay that addresses the first three weeks of the course where the student argues a particular point about the course subject. The instructor approves the proposals at the end of week 3. The Mid Term is due at the end of week 5. The Mid Term will be 2000 words and end with a conclusion based on facts and make appropriate citations and quotations in APA format.