introduction to police, law homework help


Please answer the following questions below, based on the assigned readings and Powerpoint presentation. Submit your assignment through the Assignment option on Blackboard. Each question is worth 5 points (40 points total for the assignment). Make sure to answer each question completely, and in full sentences. Remember, detail matters!

  1. Explain the differences between the Hollywood detective and the realities of detective work. Use examples to illustrate.
  2. Explain why crimes against persons are typically the easiest to solve and why crimes against property are typically the most difficult to solve. Use examples to illustrate.
  3. Undercover police work presents a number of special problems for the police. Explain two of those problems. Use examples to illustrate.
  4. What are the four different tactics used in the supply reduction strategy of drug enforcement? Use examples to illustrate.
  5. Explain the Broken Windows theory.
  6. What were the major obstacles to the implementation of the CAPS program?
  7. Explain the four-stage process of SARA. Use examples to illustrate.
  8. What is social network analysis (SNA)? Explain how SNA was used by the Glendale Police Department in their Targeted Offender strategy?