Introduction to Service Management, questions help

1.. Process capability index measures the variability in a process. )


2. A person who drives 100 miles to a factory outlet once a month to buy clothing for the family is:

an economizing customer.
an ethical customer.
personalizing customer.
a convenience customer.

.3. Which interviewing technique would be appropriate to determine how a potential employee would react in a service encounter?

Situational vignette
Abstract questioning
Direct questioning
Acting as a customer

4. Finding a unique set of sites in a multi-location problem is a simple extension of the methods used for single facility location.


5. A customer who is interested in the self-service option would find which of the following dimensions of service most important?

Risk involvement
Customer’s control of the situation
Amount of time involved
Efficiency of the service process

6. The most common reason for difficulties during the interaction of customers and contact personnel is:

unreasonable demands.
a technical breakdown in service delivery.
incompetent contact personnel.
a lack of attention to detail by contact personnel.

7. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a method for:

measuring a firm’s quality performance by comparing it with other companies that are recognized as “best in class.”
determining the feasibility of technological innovations in service operations.
analyzing the gap between the service customer’s expectations and perceptions.
comparing the efficiency of multiple service units that provide similar services.

.8. The product layout often requires special equipment and special skills to deal with the high volume of demand for service that is anticipated. These factors create a very inflexible layout.


9. Benchmarking measures a firm’s quality performance by comparing it to the performance of other companies that are known for being “best in class.”


10. Bottlenecks are usually associated with process layouts.)