Investment Reporting, accounting homework help

(600 Words, APA Format)

You work in a CPA firm. Your manager walks into your cubicle and says, “One of our clients is thinking about investing in a company. He wants to know how he should account for this investment. Be prepared to discuss it with the client tomorrow.”

Write a memo to your manager giving your thoughts on how this should be handled by the client.

The situation is the following:

    • Company F purchased 40% of the outstanding stock of company K on June 30, 20XX.
    • Both of the companies have a December 31st, year end.
    • Company K is a publicly traded company and reports its net income to company F.
    • Company K also pays a hefty dividend to the shareholders of company F. 
    • How should company F report the above facts on its December 31, 20XX balance sheet and income statement?
    • Support your answer.