Is Einstein’s theory of relativity proven? What is wrong with it

Oftentimes, we can’t avoid using words to communicate messages. And sometimes, we’re even limited with the visuals we can include. So, how can we make our messages as clear and aesthetically pleasing as possible? Incorporating typography can assist us in this… especially in the business setting. Take a look at the following documents and examine how strategic use of typography and white space has affected the second document.


Sample A: How to Make a Latte — Before Typography

Sample B: How to Make a Latte — After Typography

Now, select one of the documents below, and utilize typography and the information in the Practical Typography Tutorials ( website to improve the way it communicates its message.

Option 1: Using Styles training document

Option 2: Email to Danielle

Keep in mind the differences between display type and text type, and be sure to consider the two elements of readability and legibility and as you complete this activity. Then, post your revision to the discussion forum as an attachment for your classmates to see. Describe at least one editing choice you made, and explain why you made it.

Guided Response: Provide feedback on the work of at least two of your peers (at least one who edited the opposite document as you), explaining what they did that you think was effective, and what might be further improved.

Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.