Is Entrepreneurship a Good Match for Your Personality

In the background materials you read a lot about traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs. Did any of these traits discussed in the readings seem to match your personality? Not sure? Well many people wonder whether starting their own business is a good choice, so there is an abundance of entrepreneurial trait quizzes available online.

Do a search on Google on terms such as “entrepreneurial trait quiz” or “entrepreneurial personality questionnaire”. Find one that seems to be credible and includes traits similar to those you read about in the background materials. Then take the quiz and share the results and link to the quiz with your classmates.

More specifically, discuss the following:

  1. What specific traits did the quiz measure? Were these similar traits to those that you read about in the background materials?
  2. What kind of scores did you receive on the quiz – does it say your personality is suited for entrepreneurship? Were you surprised by the results?
  3. Overall do you think the quiz you took was useful and accurate? Would you recommend it to your classmates or to a friend interested in becoming an entrepreneur?