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Post 1 Nawab wrote this:

To start off a Business Intelligence Competency Center is a team of people who are responsible for managing all aspects of a organizations BI strategy ( Rouse, 2010, para 1). Our main focus at Steel Wheels would be to focus on our customers and through them we will help build a successful company. We would look at what our customers are buying the most of and help provide a efficient way of providing it to them. The customers are what makes a business without them companies would not be anything. So we would like to target them first and help fulfill their needs. BICC does not only have to be formed by IT department because other aspects of the organization can help as well. Although the IT department will be one of the main departments, BICC is cross functional for every department to have a input into our BI implementation.

Post 2 Timothy wrote this:

Business Intelligence Competency Centers (BICCs) “transform business intelligence, analytics and performance management from siloed efforts driven by the IT organization into business-driven, cross-organization initiatives” (Hostmann, 2010). BICC has helped companies stay on track with implementing the best practices of BI consistently. For Steel Wheels, I would recommend the distributed model of BICC. A distributed BICC is recommended for existing companies looking to incorporate a BI solution. In a distributed model, the business’ management and top-level executives are the BICC champions and the BICC cascades down into the individual divisions/departments of the business. This would allow Steel Wheels to define the goals and mission for a BI solution for the entire organization and then layer on the individual goals and mission of each department. By using BICC, Steel Wheels can reduce redundancy and duplicate efforts in their new BI solution. The BICC would not be formed by the IT department only. The purpose of BICC is to encourage IT Relations, or the collaborative communication between the business and IT. When designing their BI solution, Steel Wheels needs both the business side and the IT side to work together to build a usable and functional system (Saporito, 2015).

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