ISOL 535 Cryptology in modern industry

Requirements for written assignment

Please review the Assignment Format below. This week’s assignment should reflect the security issues concerning Cryptosystems in your selected industry. Remember, this week’s presentation will be built from

  • Graded Discussion 2: Cryptology in modern industry
  • Assignment #1: Topic proposal for Cryptosystems in Modern industry


Use the “Assignment Format” below to prepare and submit a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Create a presentation consisting of approximately 6-8 slides that list at least five security threats (types and definition) to your industry, then answer the following 2 questions:
  • how does this threat impact your industry
  • what are some countermeasures
  • Sides should include (no more than 8 slides):
  • One title slide (same topic you selected in Assignment 1)
  • One topic introduction slide
  • Approximately 6-8 content slides
  • One conclusion slide
  • One current APA formatted reference slide