IST378-01 Spring 2018

Virtual Group Case Study: Video Presentation and Written Report

Each virtual group term project team is required to do a case study with a video presentation and written report, which weighs 10% of the final grade.

Case Study:

•   Each team needs to find a case in decision making, or problem solving, or risk management, and do a case study to discuss the questions raised by the case and analyze the issues related to the case for a better understanding of the case.

Video Presentation of the Case Study:

•   The team that has studied the case needs to submit a 10-minute video presentation of the case on Blackboard, using PowerPoint and/or any other presentation means.

Written Report of the Case Study:

•   Besides the video case presentation, each team needs to turn in a written report, which consists of the following parts:

o Course and team information

o Background information on the case

o Identifying the major issues and problems brought up in the case

o Analyzing the questions and the solutions of the case

o Discussing what should be learned from the case

o Providing some insights and recommendations according to the case discussion and


o Conclusion

o References •      

The written report  should  be  at  least  five  pages,  12-point  font  and  double-spaced  and numbered pages (with 1” margins on all sides), excluding figures, tables, or illustrations.

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