Key IT Issues 2016 Report

I have an assignment which is the below:

Since 1980, the Society for Information Management (SIM), in a joint effort with prominent academicians, has conducted a study to identify the most important IT management issues. Over time these studies expanded to include questions pertaining to spending, workforce sizing and salaries, sourcing, reporting relationships, performance measurement, success skills, and various other IT organizational and management practices and concerns. They also explored how IT executives spend their time, with whom they spend it and what they do with them, as well as their assessment of the role and state of IT in their organizations. In addition to providing a snapshot of the state of IT, another important contribution of this multi-year research effort is its ability to identify important trends across the industry and the IT profession.

This comprehensive report presents the findings of SIM’s 36th Anniversary IT Trends Study, based on responses from 1218 individual SIM members, including 486 CIOs, representing 785 unique organizations. This is the largest response in the history of the study. Although there is significant diversity among SIM member organizations in terms of size, economic sector, and other factors, the average annual revenue of these responding organizations is $6.23 billion, the median is $500 million, and their total revenues of nearly $5 trillion is approximately 28% of the 2014 GDP of the United States. On average, their IT spending is 5.3% of their gross revenues, the highest level since the study began tracking it in 2005. Moreover, IT budgets, hiring, and salaries are increasing by nearly 5% on average, and IT executives are optimistic that this trend will continue into next year.

Student Teams need to discuss findings of this attached study and answer the following questions:

1- To what extent do you agree or disagree with the findings and conclusions of the study?

2- How would you as a CIO prepare for and respond to these issues and trends?

3- What IS strategy would you recommend considering what we covered in Chapter 1? Based on your proposed strategy what risks do you foresee and how will you manage them?

I attached chapter 1 and IT Trends 2017 Report. I want to answer questions 2 and 3. The answer maximum 2 pages.