Key Points – Lessons 2 & 3

For all Key Points assignments, read the corresponding lesson (chapter) in the text and type (or write) the major points from the lesson.Key points must be written in complete sentences and clearly link to the corresponding lesson.Each Key Points assignment is worth5 points; in order to earn the maximum 5 points, the paper must include key points from the entire lesson, must beat least1 pageper lesson (double-spaced), and typed or neatly handwritten. When key points are due for two different lessons, submitonepaper and clearly identify the two different lessons.  For example, after you write one lesson’s key points, start on another page to record the key points for the other lesson.Labeleach lesson accordingly (i.e., don’t make me guess).*Include theassignment title& yourlast namein the file name. I will only accept files submitted as Word, PDF, or JPG (see course syllabus for details).